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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Is It Luck?

    In light of the recent celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, it seems all too fitting to acknowledge the ever-recognized term of “luck.” When it comes to prosperity or even hardship it seems this idea of good fortune, as a result of chance, is often credited for our circumstances.

    Looking at finances specifically (because that’s the industry we’re in), it’s not too often we can count on finding that one pot of gold. Financial success is work. It involves planning, lifestyle adjustments, goal-setting, self-control, and likely the help of a professional. Whether “luck” has anything to do with it, I suppose it depends who you ask. What I do know is, those who most of us would consider ‘prosperous’ or of ‘good fortune,’ are those who have successfully adhered to plans that lead them to a prosperous future. In the same way, those who don’t plan or prepare for their lives ahead, will often face unanticipated hardship.

    It’s also very important to note that you don’t have to be wealthy to be prosperous. For some, this might mean a tweak in your definition. If you look at the origin of the word “prosperous,” you’ll learn that it means doing well, and that is a very vague definition that can have a lot of different meaning for all of us. One of the best stories I’ve heard was about a friend who traveled to an impoverished country and was completely shaken and empowered by the JOY and happiness of the people she met.

    From my perspective, “luck” has nothing to do with it. You either achieve prosperity with hard work and dedication, or for you, it’s a condition of your heart and mind. I suppose in that regard, some might say we’re all lucky.

Crystal Schneider, Client Relations Manager

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