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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Spending Tips

“Man, December is an expensive month”.  I hear that quite a bit when it comes to people planning out their monthly cash flow.  With 6 people in our immediate family I have repeated this phrase a few times myself.  In the last few years, however, I have started to get a little smarter as the grey hairs become more prevalent-especially when it comes to planning out the family Christmas gifts.

Here are a few of my recent Christmas gift revelations:

·         Come up with a gift giving game for the adults in the family.  This solves the problem of buying a gift for everyone.  We usually make a game so one adult is buying a gift for another adult so we are all only purchasing one gift.

·         Write down who you are purchasing for and how much you would like to spend per person.  For us, this includes the nieces and nephews and our own four children.  We have found this keeps the gifts somewhat “even” for our kids and also stops us from overspending when we physically see the amount that we spend per child.

·         Save up and/or use your gift certificates and look for deals throughout the year.  When you do buy a gift before the Christmas season make sure you write it down on your list.  We have forgotten this step and found a “Christmas gift” for our daughter the following July.

·         Have fun making some gifts with the kids.  We have an annual tradition of making some gifts for the grandparents.  The kids love making them, enjoy giving them to the grandparents and we create some memories along the way.
Merry Christmas!